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Continuing Education

Continuing education courses and workshops are offered in various New England states.  Programs are assigned Category I (core education) or Category II (related education) Continuing Forestry Education (CFE) credits. Half a CFE credit hour (0.5) is assigned for every thirty minutes of interaction between learner and instructor. Credits are rounded down to the nearest 30 minute session and programs shorter than 30 minutes are not eligible for credit. Portions of programs such as introductory, welcome and closing remarks, meal breaks, or business and committee meetings are not eligible for credit.

To get CFE credits assigned, program providers should fill out a Continuing Forestry Education Provider Application Form and send it to the NESAF Continuing Forestry Education Coordinator. Please maintain a record of attendees and provide that list directly to National or the NESAF CFE coordinator after the program is complete. Providers are responsible for producing and distributing certificates of attendance / completion to attendees who complete any activity offering CFE credit.

Further details are provided in the Society of American Foresters Continuing Forestry Education Handbook .

For licensure information by State, please review the Licensure information by State document that includes address and website information.

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