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News Quarterly


The News Quarterly is published four times per year. Each issue contains news and information pertinent to our members, both locally and region-wide. In addition, each issue includes several articles relating to a timely theme, selected and produced in coordination with the Forest Science Coordinator. Recent News Quarterlies are listed below by date, starting with the most recent, and may be downloaded by clicking on the theme name.

October 2018 Defoliation, Drought, and Tree Mortality in Southern New England
June 2018 Tree Level Factors Affectig Maple Syrup Production
April 2018 Winter Meeting 2018 Roundup
January 2018 Winter Meeting 2018
October 2017 Status & Economic Contribution of Maine's Forest Products Industry
June 2017 Canadian Lumber Tariffs & American Chestnut
April 2017 Winter Meeting Roundup
January 2017 Winter Meeting 2017 & Climate Change
October 2016 Forest Wildlife Research in New England
April 2016 Winter Meeting 2016
January 2016 Emerging Forest Health Issues Affecting Pine Species in New England
September 2015 Research on Lidar Applications to Forestry
June 2015 Family Forest Owners in New England
April 2015 Winter Meeting 2015
January 2015 New England's Tick Borne Diseases
October 2014 Northern Long Eared Bat and Forests
June 2014 US Forest Service Competitive Grant Projects
April 2014 Non-timber Forest Products (continued theme)
January 2014 Non-timber Forest Products
October 2013 Demonstration Forests in New England
June 2013 Silviculture Research in New England
April 2013 Forest Conservation in New England
January 2013 Conservation Education in New England
October 2012 Wind Energy Development in New England
June 2012 Forest Service Grants
April 2012 Buy Local
January 2012 International Forestry
October 2011 Forester Licensing
June 2011 Forest Pests
April 2011 Landscape Scale Planning
January 2011 Our Society of American Foresters
October 2010 Fire in New England

June 2010

Forestry on Reality Television

April 2010

A Week in the Life of a Forester

January 2010

Public Lands

October 2009

Data and Technology

June 2009

Forest Pests and Management
April 2009 Forest Soils

January 2009

Education and Outreach

October 2008

Forest Products Markets
June 2008 Urban Forestry

April 2008

Forest Carbon

January 2008

The Ice Storm: 10 Years Later
October 2007 Old Growth in New England
June 2007 Forest Ownership Changes in New England
April 2007 Beech Bark Disease
January 2007 Urban & Community Forestry
September 2006 Global Warming
June 2006 Trees and Peace
April 2006 Biomass Utilization/Energy
January 2006 Invasive Species
September 2005 New England Forest Reserves
June 2005 Northern Forest Heritage Park
April 2005 SAF Membership
January 2005 The Forest Service in New England: 100 Years
September 2004 Highgrading
June 2004 Biodiversity Conservation
April 2004 Forest Pests


News Quarterlies provided in PDF format. To view a PDF document, you must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software on your computer. To download the latest version of Acrobat Reader, click here to go to the Adobe web site .

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