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Recognition of outstanding service by New England SAF members is conducted each year through the Awards process, with awards presented at the Annual Meeting. Both regionally and nationally, the Society of American Foresters recognizes the achievements of individuals and organizations who advance the knowledge and understanding of forestry.

Nominate A Colleague! The nomination process requires a cover letter, biographical sketch of the nominee, and two letters of endorsement along with the Nomination Form. The nomination deadline for awards is December 1st.  E-submission of the entire nomination package is encouraged; however, post mailed nomination packages are welcome. The Society of American Foresters also offers a number of awards at the national level. More information about these awards may be accessed at the National SAF Website

  NESAF Annual Awards:

Integrity in Conservation Award

 Past Recipients

Presented to an individual or organization working with natural resources for adherence to principles and demonstration of high standards in the face of adversity. The work may be in process and the effort need not have “won” or “lost” – only that it was conducted in an outstanding manner in an adverse operating environment. Nominations need not be limited to members of NESAF.

Distinguished Service Award

 Past Recipients

The purpose is to give official recognition to professional achievement in forestry; to make known to the general public outstanding contributions of individual foresters to their profession and to enhance the public image of the forestry profession. The criteria include: professional achievement in the field of Forestry or closely allied fields (i.e. working group of the parent society); participation in SAF; and service to the local or regional community.


 James W. Toumey Award

 Past Recipients

Presented for Outstanding Achievement in Service to the New England Society of American Foresters.
Austin Cary Practicing Professional Award

 Past Recipients

Presented to a member who has shown outstanding achievement recently or over a period of years as a practicing forest manager or consultant forester.
Ernest M. Gould, Jr. Technology Transfer Award

 Past Recipients

Presented to a member who has made outstanding contribution to natural resource science and management through education, extension, or youth service.
Mollie Beattie Young Forester Leadership Award 

 Past Recipients

Presented  to a member who is less than 40 years old at the time of nomination and has shown leadership in a program or project benefiting the practice of forestry.
David M. Smith Award   Past Recipients
Presented to a member who is engaged in research, teaching, or the field application of silviculture whose work reflects David's advice that "we should observe and analyze the patterns of stand development first and devise silvicultural treatments to fit or modify them afterwards."

Past Recipients:

Integrity in Conservation Award

2017 William Staats
2016 Jasen Stock
2015 Steven H. Swatling
2014 Thomas Rawinski2013 no recipient
2013 no recipient
2012 no recipient
2011 Karen P. Bennett
2010 Employees of the White Mountain National Forest
2009 John M. Hagan, III
2008 Baxter State Park Authority, Maine Department of Conservation, and The Trust for Public Land - Maine Office
2007 Ricahrd Carbonetti, Peter Condaxis, William Samal, and Jonathan Wood
2006 Northern Woodlands Magazine
2005 Edward Griffith
2004 David Houghton
2003 Leo C. Laferriere
2002 George Darey
2001 no recipient
2000 no recipient
1999 Roger Milliken, Jr.
1998 Maxwell McCormack, Jr.

Distinguished Service Award

2017 Everett L. Towle
2016 Phillip Bryce
2015 Michael H. Dann
2014 Kenneth M. Laustsen
2013 Joan Nichols
2012 George F. Frame
2011 John A. O'Brien
2010 no recipient
2009 Robert Lee Edmonds
2008 no recipient
2007 Robert J. Berti
2006 David Field
2005 Hans Bergey
2004 Jane Difley
2003 Ernest “Bart” B. Harvey, III
2002 no recipient
2001 Leo C. Laferriere
2000 George R. Stephens
1999 Richard F. Watt
1998 William B. Leak
1997 Lloyd C. Irland
1996 Edgar P. Wyman
1995 John E. Hibbard
1994 Robert S. Bond
1993 David M. Smith (1969)
1992 Thomas F. Quink
1991 Fred B. Knight
1990 Robert B. Fiske
1989 Lester A. DeCoster
1988 Peter Hannah
1987 Clifford Swenson
1986 no recipient
1985 Gibb Dodge
1984 Michael Sikora
1983 Philip Rich
1982 Howard Mason
1981 Raymond Foulds
1980 Maxwell McCormack, Jr.
1979 Ernest Gould
1978 James Wilkinson
1977 Theodore Natti
1976 Morris Wing
1975 Herschel Abbott
1974 Arthur Heitman
1973 Robert Dinneen
1972 Albert Nutting
1971 John Noyes
1970 Austin Wilkins
1969 David M. Smith
1968 Gerald S. Wheeler
1967 George Garratt
1966 Phillip Coolidge

James W. Toumey Outstanding Achievement in Service Award

2017 no recipient
2016 Susan R. Francher
2015 no recipient
2014 Harold Cook
2013 no recipient
2012 Janice Mulherin
2011 Pete Howland
2010 Lawrence Rousseau
2009 George F. Frame
2008 Ronald C. Lemin, Jr.
2007 Raymond J. Toolan
2006 no recipient
2005 Kenneth M. Laustsen
2004 Inge Seaboyer
2003 Robert M. Ricard
2002 Fred Borman, III
2001 no recipient
2000 no recipient
1999 Phil Bryce
1998 Joseph C. Mawson
1997 James B. Cullen
1996 Gary F. Salmon
1995 Russell S. Reay
1994 Maxwell McCormack, Jr.
1993 David B. Kittredge, Jr.
1992 no recipient
1991 A. Bradford Wyman
1990 Fred B. Knight
1989 James Wilkinson, Jr.

Austin Cary Practicing Professional Award

2017 Kirby Ellis
2016 Tom Hahn
2015 Brooks McCandlish
2014 Douglas W. "Bill" Mahan
2013 Ronald Klemarczyk
2012 Stephen C. Coleman, posthumous
2011 Carol L. Redelsheimer
2010 John A. O'Brien
2009 Kevin Evans
2008 Si Balch
2007 George F. Ritz
2006 Geoffrey T. Jones
2005 Anthony Filauro
2004 Leland Sanders
2003 Glenn Freden
2002 Joel “Jody” Bronson
2001 Anne Marie Kittredge
2000 Michael Bartlett
1999 Fred A. Huntress
1998 Charles Moreno
1997 D. Jensen Bissell
1996 Bruce Spencer
1995 John McNulty
1994 Don & Nina Huffer
1993 Charles Gadzik
1992 Paul Memmer
1991 William H. Rivers
1990 Stephen Orach
1989 Lynn Levine

Ernest M. Gould, Jr. Technology Transfer Award

2017 Jessica Leahy
2016 Mathew C. Chagnon
2015 Mark Twery
2014 no recipient
2013 no recipient
2012 William H. Livingston
2011 Christopher F. Modisette
2010 Susan M. Aygarn
2009 Northam Parr
2008 no recipient
2007 Mariko Yamasaki
2006 Michael C. Snyder
2005 Phil Auger (1998)
2004 Jeff Ward
2003 Karen Bennett
2002 Richard Weyrick
2001 Marc J. Tremblay
2000 Elizabeth Postlewaite
1999 David Kittredge, Jr.
1998 Phil Auger
1997 Donald W. Quigley
1996 Virginia Barlow
1995 Ancyl Thurston
1994 Thomas J. McEvoy
1993 Christopher Murdock
1992 William B. Leak
1991 Christina Peterson
1990 Stanley Knowles
1989 Stephen Broderick

Mollie Beattie Young Forester Leadership Award

2017 Anthony D'Amato
2016 Wendy Weisiger
2015 Kathryn T. Manende
2014 Andrew Fast
2013 Jessica Leahy
2013 William Van Doren
2012 Joseph "J.P" Barsky
2011 Brad W. Simpkins
2010 Jacob W. Metzler and Spencer R. Meyer
2009 Maggie Machinist
2008 no recipient
2007 Ben Machin
2006 Dr. Laura S. Kenefic
2005 Amanda Farrar
2004 no recipient
2003 David Irvin
2002 Thomas O’Shea
2001 Cynthia S. Wood
2000 Sara Packer
1999 Kevin Evans
1998 no recipient
1997 Patrick D. Hackley
1996 Robert Ricard
1995 Carol Redelsheimer
1994 Carrie Tripp
1993 Alan Calfee
1992 Anne Marie Loud
1991 Charles Neibling
1990 David Kittredge, Jr.
1989 Charles Levesque

David M. Smith Award

2017 no recipient
2016 Mariko Yamasaki
2015 Robert S. Seymour
2014 no recipient
2013 no recipient
2012 Bob Frank
2011 William B. Leak



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