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About Us - Elections

Officers and Executive Committee Members are elected or appointed to a two-year term commencing January 1 following the year in which they were elected.  Learn more by reading the Position Descriptions.

To be nominated and serve in a NESAF office, a member has to be in good standing, with dues paid to date and otherwise a full voting member under the SAF Constitution.

Tips for completing the nomination form:

  • The format for candidate information is required and needs to be complete
  • The nomination packets are due by August 1, to be included in the elections and be available for electronic voting.
  • The nomination packets may be emailed for submission, but a follow-up email needs to be sent in the event the packet was misidentified as spam/junk email.
  • The contact information for submission and questions is available on the Nomination Form.

To participate in an election, a member has to be considered in good standing. All voting members of NESAF shall elect officers. Elections are overseen by the standing committee on Nominations and Elections.


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