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About Us - Elections

Officers and Executive Committee Members are elected or appointed to a two-year term commencing January 1 following the year in which they were elected.  Learn more by reading the Position Descriptions.

To be nominated and serve in a NESAF office, a member has to be in good standing, with dues paid to date and otherwise a full voting member under the SAF Constitution.

Tips for completing the nomination form:

  • The format for candidate information is required and needs to be complete
  • The nomination packets are due by August 1, to be included in the elections and be available for electronic voting.
  • The nomination packets may be emailed for submission, but a follow-up email needs to be sent in the event the packet was misidentified as spam/junk email.
  • The contact information for submission and questions is available on the Nomination Form.

To participate in an election, a member has to be considered in good standing. All voting members of NESAF shall elect officers. Elections are overseen by the standing committee on Nominations and Elections.



NESAF Executive Committee positions open for nomination and elections for 2017 (to be voted upon fall 2016):

  • Chair (Chair 2017, Past Chair 2018)
  • Chair Elect (Vice Chair 2017, Chair 2018, Past Chair 2019)


State Chapters/Divisions with positions open for nomination and elections for 2017 (to be voted upon fall 2016): 

Massachusetts Chapter: 

  • Massachusetts NESAF Representative
  • Massachusetts Chapter Secretary/Treasurer
  • Massachusetts Chapter Vice Chair/Chair Elect

Maine Chapter:

  • Maine Chapter Chair Elect
  • Maine Representative to NESAF
  • Maine Chapter Treasurer
  • Maine Member at Large (3 positions)




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