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Awards - SAF Fellow

Outstanding contributions to the Society of American Foresters are recognized through the title of Fellow. Those members who have provided outstanding contributions to the Society and to the forestry profession are recognized with the title of Fellow. Candidates are determined by a District Fellow Committee within each SAF Voting District. 
Current District VI Fellow Committee members are:

James Coufal NY Term Expires 12/31/2014
Kenneth Laustsen NE Term Expires 12/31/2015
Ed White NY Term Expires 12/31/2016
Don Floyd CAN Term Expires 12/31/2017
Sally Bogdanovicth NY Term Expires 12/31/2017

Information about the current process for Fellow nominations can be found on the National SAF website - Fellows.  All necessary information can be found by following the Fellows link above.  Members must forward all nominations packets to the District Fellows Committee Chair by March 1 annually.   Electronic nominations are encouraged, although not required.  Please submit the nomination to:

Jim Coufal - Chair Fellows Committee District VI
P.O. Box 234
Cazenovia, NY  13035 

Current Fellows of the New England SAF, in order by year of award, are listed below.

Dr. David M. Smith, Jr.  1971
Mr. James E. Wilkinson  1982
Mr. Fred B. Knight  1983
Mr. Theodore Natti  1983
Mr. Clifton E. Foster  1986
Dr. Robert S. Bond  1987
Dr. Peter R. Hannah      1988
Mr. Abbott B. Ladd  1988
Dr. Maxwell L. McCormack, Jr. 1989
Mr. Arthur G. Dodge, Jr. 1990
Mr. Walter R. Gooley, Jr. 1991
Ms. Jane A. Difley  1993
Mr. Stanley W. Knowles  1995
Mr. Roger S. Leighton  1995
Mr. John E. Hibbard  1996
Mr. William B. Leak  1996
Dr. Perry R. Hagenstein  1997
Dr. Lloyd C. Irland  1997
Mr. Robert M. Frank, Jr. 1998
Dr. James W. Hornbeck  1998
Dr. David B. Field  1999
Dr. Donald W. Floyd  1999
Mr. Hans T. Bergey  2000
Mr. Leo C. Laferriere  2001
Mr. Charles A. Levesque  2001
Mr. Carl M. Van Husen  2001
Mr. Robert M. Ricard  2002
Mr. Everett L. Towle  2002
Mr. Anthony Filauro  2003
Mr. Fred A. Huntress, Jr. 2003
Mr. John W. McNulty  2003
Ms. Barbara S. Burns  2004
Mr. James B. Cullen  2005
Mr. Mervin E. Stevens  2005
Mr. A. Bradford Wyman  2006
Dr. William R. Bentley  2007
Dr. David B. Kittredge, Jr. 2007
Dr. Chadwick D. Oliver 2008
Mr. Kenneth M. Laustsen 2008
Ms. Carol L. Redelsheimer 2008
Dr. Robert S. Seymour 2008
Mr. George F. Frame 2010
Mr. Sidney E. Balch 2011
Ms. Karen Bennett 2012


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